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The New Hybrid Q7

Along with many of the other top German Luxury Brands, Audi has decided to follow suit and create a stunning full size hybrid that debuted at the Shanghai Auto Show and this car is pristine! 

With a class leading battery mileage and attention to detail that Audi is known for, this Hybrid Q7 is something awe inspiring! 

With a cut weight and surprisingly powerful hybrid engine there isn't much to complain about! 

Get the…
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New RS3 Photos!

The biggest and baddest member of the A3 family is ready for its close up in this new photo set! The RS3 is Audi's new addition to its american line up and it is only available in the five-door sport back and a powerful 5 cylinder 2.5 liter double clutch that is pumping out 362 horse power! 

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The Audi A6

The Audi A6 redefined luxury and technology in the midsize category since its creation. The brilliance of Audi is shown through the outer elegance and the regal interior. Not only does this car make a striking first impression, the A6 is even better once you get to know it. With available full LED and signature Singleframe grille, the A6 makes an impression that you certainly will not forget! 

Complete with legendary Audi Quattro, the A6…
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Self Driving Q5 Wows!

The Audi Q5 as always  been a show stopper. But leave it to the high tech geniuses at Audi to get behind something truly amazing. Earlier this year, a self driving A7 made it to CES but that journey was not nearly as long as this coast to coast venture. 

This 3,400-mile journey began in San Francisco and after a 15 state journey the Q5 ended in New York. The cutting edge cameras and…
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Pranks for April Fools and More

April is not just for fools but there are certainly some awesome pranks you can pull that are both enjoyable for you and (maybe) the person getting pranked! These are great for all ages and these definitely aren't your run of the mill prank phone calls. Check these out below! 


1. Fill your soap dispensers around your house with maple syrup and make anyone's hands into a pancake! 

2. Spread a layer of?
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The A3: Impact

The A3, Audi's sleek compact sedan, has certainly made a profound impact on our definition of what it truly means to be luxurious and affordable. The A3 is available with all the same technology that is found in Audi's top of the line vehicles. Though the price tag may be a huge draw, the A3's performance abilities and options make this car certainly something to be in awe over! 

See what all…
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The Drones!

You've read about them in the paper, seen them in the news and now the Audi A6 is taking them on in this Alfred Hitchcock-esque commercial. Drawing influence from "The Birds", this commercial brings fourth a sense of overtake that many of us feel towards technology. Audi is here to tell you that there is no reason to fear technological change but to embrace it! 

Watch as this A6 speeds light years ahead of…
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The S3 Offers the most Bang for your Buck

Now I know what you're thinking, a performance sedan is definitely going to cost you some serious coin. Well, do I have news for you! The S3, Audi's smallest performance sedan, may be the littlest in the S line up, but this sedan packs a serious punch. 

Boasting a 292 horsepower 4 cylinder engine, this engine leaves nothing to the imagination. Elegant handling and sleek design come standard as well a litany of…
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Audi TDI is Changing the Game

The debate over whether or not diesel is truly worth it has been going on since man invented fire (well not that long but you get what I'm saying). In the car world there are 3 kinds of people. There are your standard run of the mill gasoline users (like myself), there are the environmentally conscious hybrid/electric people and of course there are the most set in their ways; the diesel users. Though…
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