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The Audi Matrix Revolution

The Audi A6, synonymous with mid-size luxury, is the middle child of the Audi sedan family. This vehicle is always a head turner due to its sophisticated styling and sporty handling. 

Overseas, in India to be exact, Audi has brought the LED headlight technology that makes this vehicle not only a champion of the road during the day, but a master of the night. Check out the video below to learn just what is in…
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Featured Reviews for August

Customer reviews really make what we do here at Audi Shrewsbury worth while. Knowing that we put our best effort forward into helping you purchase a vehicle or receiving service on your vehicle, we shoot for the stars (5 of them to be exact). 

Below are some of the best reviews we received for the month from Google! 

We encourage you to leave us a review as well! Check these out below! 


And this one…
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The All-New Audi Q7

The Q7, Audi's premier full size SUV is undergoing a minor style change for this coming year. With the updated styling, the Q7 is going to be much lighter (about the weight of a grand piano to be exact)!

With a lighter frame comes a lot of benefits. Fuel economy improves, acceleration improves and not to mention, the sustainability factor comes into play. 

Check out the all new Audi Q7 as it performs at…
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Audi's Mission to the Moon

Everyone always shoots for the stars. Something that this is unrealistic feet but as the old adage goes "if your shoot for the stars and miss, you'll land among them". Well, in some cases, you hit the Moon. 

By the year 2017, Audi is planning on completing its first successful trip to the moon exploring Apollo 17 in pursuit of winning the Google Lunar XPRIZE! As Audi is at the forefront of technology, we…
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The Audi RS7 in Hitman: Agent 47

BMW may have made an appearance in the all new Mission Impossible movie, but step aside, there is a new action star in town. Categorized by its sloping back and ferocious stare, the Audi RS7 is the vehicle of choice for Agent 47 in the upcoming film, Hitman: Agent 47. Surrounded by an all-star cast including the likes of  Zachary Quinto, the Audi RS7 is truly a lead right along side the top dogs of…
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Audi's Technology is Growing at the Speed of Light!

Audi, of the German brands, is always known for pushing the limits of style and design. From their cars getting lighter and faster to their sleek interior design, Audi is always light years ahead of its competition. 

It goes without say that vehicles in general have changed over the course of the past 100 years. From safety options to massage seats, the bells and whistles are only getting louder. 

Check out this selection from Audi…
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Feature Review for July

Around the internet there are millions of businesses with tons of reviews but ever so often you com across reviews that are truly special and heart felt. 

Below is one of those reviews. Something like this lets us know that we put forth our best effort and the customer was more than pleased with their experience. This special attention to detail is what makes us different from the rest and we cannot thank this customer…
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Tips and Tricks to make your August the Best Yet!

Though this month means that Summer is coming to close, this does not mean that Summer weather, activities and clothes are off the table! August is notoriously steamy especially in these parts so be sure to keep cool and hydrated. How much water should we be drinking? Well I've heard everything from a cup to a gallon! The study below suggests otherwise! 

Drinking the right amount of water not only promotes good health, it…
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Audi RS 3 "Rally"

Though the RS3 is not available stateside yet, we still can hold out hope that this beast will come our way! The All new Audi RS3 is available over in Europe and its performance is incredibly impressive. Watch this hatchback take on one the legendary Audi Sport quattro rally car. 

Both vehicles's speed and performance is nothing short of jaw dropping. Watch this race! See who wins! 

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