It Couldn't Be Done

Every year, around this time, there is always a drive to do the impossible. Whether it's giving all you can to a local cause, braving a line for a special gift or even purchasing your first Audi vehicle, all of these things at one point seemed like a pipe dream. 

Fortunately, there is only one requirement to making the impossible reality. That one thing cannot be bought, but it can be learned. That is determination. Determination is an drive that we have all felt in our life in many aspects. But to put it simply, determination is the sheer will to over come adversity. 

Much like you and I, Audi has over come a great deal of adversity when it comes to its technological development. Ideas that Audi has presented to the automotive world, though incredibly forward thinking, were seemed impossible. See how Audi has developed its technology and overcame the odds! 

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